Someone's about to get sued by Johnson Controls

…or at least get hit with a rather nasty-sounding cease-and-desist letter.

Are you sure this isn’t the same company as the Simplex that Johnson Controls owns? I came across this site a while back & simply assumed it was the Canadian clock division of Simplex.

No, they’re not affiliated with the Simplex we know.

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Oh alright, odd if you ask me why a company would copy Simplex’s name & logo though. Guess Simplex hasn’t discovered them yet which is why there hasn’t been a lawsuit so far (supposedly anyway).

simplexes time recorder division might have split from simplex fire when they were acquired by Tyco/Grinnell or Johnson controls

Not likely: I’m pretty sure both Tyco & Johnson Controls acquired Simplex as a whole completely, though whether Simplex still makes & sells clocks I have no idea.

Simplex (the real one) still makes clocks.

At least Simplex Time Recorder (Canada) doesn’t copy the Simplex Fire (USA) products.

“Sounds Out of context i know”

True, but their logo is still almost a dead knockoff of Johnson Control’s Simplex.

Appears like the “fake” simplex is a shopify website
That may mean a few things

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looks like the fake simplex is fairly new

I wonder if JCI has discovered that site yet

That website is definitely a scam since it’s bootlegged from the real Simplex

Found another Simplex logo knockoffer (this one just uses the same font as Simplex’s previous logo however, not the “S” symbol. Still pretty close to the real thing though):
Home - Simplex - The Heat Transfer Specialist