Someone's about to get sued by Johnson Controls

…or at least get hit with a rather nasty-sounding cease-and-desist letter.

Are you sure this isn’t the same company as the Simplex that Johnson Controls owns? I came across this site a while back & simply assumed it was the Canadian clock division of Simplex.

No, they’re not affiliated with the Simplex we know.

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Oh alright, odd if you ask me why a company would copy Simplex’s name & logo though. Guess Simplex hasn’t discovered them yet which is why there hasn’t been a lawsuit so far (supposedly anyway).

simplexes time recorder division might have split from simplex fire when they were acquired by Tyco/Grinnell or Johnson controls

Not likely: I’m pretty sure both Tyco & Johnson Controls acquired Simplex as a whole completely, though whether Simplex still makes & sells clocks I have no idea.

Simplex (the real one) still makes clocks.

At least Simplex Time Recorder (Canada) doesn’t copy the Simplex Fire (USA) products.

“Sounds Out of context i know”

True, but their logo is still almost a dead knockoff of Johnson Control’s Simplex.

Appears like the “fake” simplex is a shopify website
That may mean a few things

looks like the fake simplex is fairly new