Something weird that I discovered

As I was going through SimplexTech’s videos on YouTube, I’ve noticed that when I got to the video titled “Simplex 2001 Fire Alarm Test” (the video with Simplex 4050’s on 2903 light plates going off in march time), the video footage is different from what I originally saw. Yet, the audio is exactly the same and the alarm seen in the “new” footage is no different. What’s even weirder is that the thumbnail didn’t change, and the video is shorter (by 10 seconds). The run time (as seen in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail that links to the video from anywhere on YouTube) states that it’s 29 seconds long, however, with the new footage, it’s now 19 seconds long.

It may have changed a while back, but this is something that I’ve recently discovered. :?

Yeah I noticed this awhile back, and honestly have no idea how he changed it. If anyone has ideas of how the change was made, please post here.

First: How can you watch the same fire alarm video multiple times?

Second: Why not try PMing or posting a comment to the user on his page and see what he has to say about it

He usually doesn’t answer anything. The only thing he seems to do is approve comments.

You can actually edit videos on YouTube. I think he may have did just that and took out some unwanted stuff from the original footage.

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Thank you.