Space Age announces the AV-36

Space Age is releasing new retrofit plates!

A quote from the website:

Let me guess, April Fools?

Nope, they even have a demo video up on YouTube:

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Video) - YouTube

Love it :lol:

Where can I order?

Looks like they’ve got an extra-extra wide version too - the AV38. :wink:


Well played.

I thought it was real :lol:

Love the new voice evac message! Seems a lot like my signature. Did they steal it?

Just found out they just announced the AV-64.

Here’s the demo video:

take on thoose notes - YouTube

Can’t wait to get my hands on any of the devices listed here! Awesome they have revived their older line of devices. :lol:

…and they just got sued by Johnson Controls for having products too similar to discontinued Simplex devices. By the way,

[size=200]APRIL FOOLS![/size]

I knew that this was an April Fools gag as soon as it was posted but didn’t want to say anything to ruin it for anybody else.