Space Age announces the AV-36

Space Age is releasing new retrofit plates!

A quote from the website:

[quote] Space Age Electronics is proud to announce the AV-36, a brand-new line of extra-wide bezel retrofit plates.

As a small business, we pride ourselves in our ability to respond to customer trends. In the 1970’s, we began receiving letters from inept contractors complaining that our light plates were too small for flush mount applications. They needed a plate that could accommodate their shoddy work, and cover up gaps that resulted from their laughably imprecise measurements. So we introduced the AV-34, a wider-bezel version of our signature AV-32 plate.

The decision to yet again increase the size of our retrofit plates comes after years of market research, which showed that a significant and increasing chunk of our customers are from the alarm enthusiast community, rather than professional contractors. We had also been getting numerous complaints from angry parents saying that their child left a gaping hole in the drywall after attempting to install one of our products.

With the new AV-36, these holes will be a thing of the past.

Let me guess, April Fools?

Nope, they even have a demo video up on YouTube:

Love it :lol:

Where can I order?

Looks like they’ve got an extra-extra wide version too - the AV38. :wink:

[quote] In addition to the AV-36, we are also proud to announce the AV-38 series of extra-extra wide bezel retrofit plates.

Here at Space Age Electronics, we are committed to designing solutions that make installation quick and easy. So, while we were designing the AV-36, we thought to ourselves, “why stop there?” The AV-38 represents another milestone in our company’s history of facilitating lazy and careless installation of the systems that protect millions of lives everyday.

With the AV-38, we’ve completely eliminated the need for measuring. With our new CloseEnough™ mounting system, just smash a standard-size sledgehammer into drywall, plaster, ceiling tile, or any other finished surface. Next, jam our backbox into your hole using your sledgehammer to pound it through the debris. Then, attach the AV-38, and let friction do the rest. It’s that simple!

Painters will also appreciate the new extra-extra-wide bezel. In our market research, we know that today’s intoxicated professionals want to maximize efficiency and minimize attention to detail. With the AV-38, we’ve given you more room for error. The 16 x 14" surface area accommodates a wide range of overspray levels, ranging from trunk-slammer to drunken stupor. No need for tape or dust covers - just paint!

The AV-38. Enabling stone-age workmanship in a space-age world.


Well played.

I thought it was real :lol:

Love the new voice evac message! Seems a lot like my signature. Did they steal it?

Just found out they just announced the AV-64.

Here’s the demo video:

Can’t wait to get my hands on any of the devices listed here! Awesome they have revived their older line of devices. :lol:

…and they just got sued by Johnson Controls for having products too similar to discontinued Simplex devices. By the way,

I knew that this was an April Fools gag as soon as it was posted but didn’t want to say anything to ruin it for anybody else.