SpectrAlert Advance refuses to do March Time!

I find this quite amusing. I thought it would either stay silent or just do quick chirps, but instead it does fast March Time in Code-3


You can hear a Gentex Commander 3 doing the coding properly at the end.

Thats more like a fast pulse than march time!

Setting the rotary selection switch to any "Coded " option (positions 7, 8, or 9) would likely resolve this issue. The horn will then accept the panel’s coding pulses instead of trying to maintain the Code-3 cadence internally.

I know. Thank you. I was just messing around and discovered this behavior and thought it was interesting enough to share. I wonder if P2Xs do this too or if it is just the P4X. I might try that later but I’d need to bypass my sync module. I find it interesting though that if you code the strobes on these to code-3, they don’t flash at all. I wonder if the P2XL will do this too.

Yes it can; you can set it to coded and if all else fails set it to steady (Continuous) so it will accept the NACs coding pulses as well. More modern devices you have to just set it to steady; this is what they do in my school to make the Wheelock Exceders do marchtime along with the old Simplex 2901/2903 horn/strobes, so I suppose that would work. But the System Sensor ones have a coded output.