Spectralert classic still being made!

Apparently a company called Locknetics owned by Schlage still makes the spectralert classic for general signaling. Very interesting if you ask me.

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I figured that they would be used only for that since they are now two generations behind the current appliance being manufactured.

They might be new-old-stock…

Well older horns that have been discontinued continue to be made for general signaling purposes so why couldn’t the Classic SpectrAlert still be made?

Something tells me they’re NOS.
The photo you attached shows the old first-generation screw on top rather than the “ClickLock” bracket on the second-generation Spectras.

I do recall Spectralert classic outdoor devices being installed in a newly built apartment in 2008/9 in a housing development near me.

They probably are NOS but I stand by my assumption that they are also still made for general signaling purposes also like the Adaptahorn and the 450D.