SpectrAlerts and BG-12s.

Why are they so popular? It seems like most new fire alarm systems installed in my area use SpectrAlerts and BG-12s.

Because they’re Honeywell products. They’re also pretty cheap compared to stuff from EST and Simplex. Lastly they’re not proprietary. They just work :).

The most common combinations I see in my town. Many stores are in my area are being remodeled for new occupants, and now I am seeing BG-12s and SpectrAlert Advances.

My college also has this combination. The Godawful SpectAlert speaker strobes replacing the beautiful Simplex 4051 horns.

Yeah. I’m bitter.

This is a common combination in my area, especially with restaurants and smaller stores.

Even a few schools have this combination as well, but with the Advance series. The K-8 school I went to for kindergarten had these installed in the repartitioned classroom “pods” (the rest of the school still has the Simplex system), and three of them had Notifier ONYX NFS2-3030 voice-evacuation systems installed; one of them has the older SpectrAlert speaker/strobes, the other two have the rarer (in my area) Advance version, and they all have NBG-12LXs. (Two of them are replacing Gamewell FlexAlarm systems, one is replacing a Simplex 2001 system.)

Another common combination for me is the Wheelock AS and the BG-12. Even the Brockton Rox stadium has this, even the officer where my drivers’ ed tutor works (except there, the NBG-12Ls are replacing BG-10s.)