This is basically a cross between a SpectrAlert and an EST Genesis, where I put my EST Genesis (case being in the video posted above, the remote strobe) on the SpectrAlert “Classic” mounting bracket. More info is in the description of the video posted above.

Kinda random, lol.

Edwards / EST does have a trim plate that fits around the Genesis for situations where it would need to be attached to a double-gang or a 4x4 backbox, btw.

Unlike some bad retrofit installations, these two alarms seem to compliment each other, since the Genesis fits into the SpectrAlert strobe area nicely (almost).

Interesting experiment you conducted there.

Here’s another example of the SpecterAlert and Genesis working well together:

Watch how well the SpecterAlert Advance and the Genesis sync with each other: http://smup.us/45

All of these similarities is starting to make it look like a conspiracy. :shock:

The Genesis and the “Enhanced” Integrity actually send sync signals over the NAC.
Looks like the Advance is able to read those signals… hmm

I knew that. That’s exactly what was used when some of the 7002Ts at my high school were replaced by EST Genesis horn/strobes.

And here is the same thing, only this time with the horn/strobe…