Spot the code violations!

I made a mock-up electrical box real quick and wanted to see if y’all can spot the electrical code violation(s)!

(Hint: there is more than one :smiley:)

One of the wires is not in the nut, espoused wires.

I don’t have too much knowledge in household electrical but I’m pretty sure that the paper insulation needs to be cut even with the rubber exterior.

The connectors for the wire to run through into the back box aren’t there either which can wear down the insulation and cause shorts.

Which wire? The copper one is the ground and has no sheathing on purpose. If you are referring to this wire though, very close!

The paper insulation is just fine. As long as it isn’t interfering with wiring connections your all good.

And, Good! That’s one of them! at least 4 remain

Copper wires are exposed and not wrapped around the paper well. Also the tiny white wires covered with the dolphin connector can slip out of the hole easilly in the box.

1.A protective “nipple” nut is required on the hole of backbox to keep the wires from being scraped;
2.The backbox needs to be earthed;
3.It’s never a good idea to have both mains-level and ELV wiring connections (the coax/shielded cables) inside the same backbox

The ground hasn’t been tied into the back box which is metal so if there is a short it won’t be terminated at the back box.

You can’t have low voltage and high voltage (120vac) in the same box without a barrier between them. Also, there needs to be at least 6" of conductor in the box.