Spot the Fire Alarm!

Can anyone find the hidden NA?
:crazy_face::person_facepalming: Is this up to code? The Fire lettering and part of the horn is obscured.

Also Disney has the tendency to paint NA’s and I even saw a painted Simplex 2099-9754 pull in the walkway to exit Cosmic Rewind at DCA.

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I assume the gray block with the clear lense is the horn strobe. If so it’s probably against code just like painting them.


Even though it’s likely against code I’ve read that Disney is supposedly often able to get away with things like this due to (I think at least) “having their own government” in a sense.

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I’m pretty sure florida recently revoked that.

Yeah, but I’m honestly not sure if it stuck or not.

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Disneyland, which is in California and is where the picture in this topic was taken, has never had a special local governing jurisdiction. It is located in the city of Anaheim.

Oh. Who knows if they’re supposed to be getting away with that likely code violation then.

Insurance should not pay for damage from fire. This is unacceptable.

I think that would be an overreaction to just one code-violating signal: Disney hopefully has all other fire protection measures in place & properly operational.

I doubt it. They think they can get away with anything.

I wouldn’t say it’s against code, as the themed enclosure is designed to not cover the speaker grille or the strobe. (To the extent that it is against code, it’s likely approved as a variance by the City of Anaheim.)

Disney takes the safety of its Guests and Cast Members very seriously. They would not do this if it would impede the functionality of the device.

(also, to answer the question about insurance: Disney is self-insured.)

Oh. But, the painted pull station is most certainly NOT up to code as pull stations must be obvious.

You sound like you work there! :rofl:

I don’t see a pull station in that photo though.

He talked about it in the post.

Oh okay: yeah I don’t think such a thing would normally fly, but it’s Disney (though as said this is Disneyland in California rather than Walt Disney World in Florida, so they don’t have their own district or anything).

To clear up some confusion, as stated before, Disneyland is located in California, in the City of Anaheim. They must adhere to any codes that the AFD, State of California, or federal government puts in place. Disneyworld is essentially a county, called Reedy Creek. They have special powers that most other places don’t. For example, Reedy Creek has its own fire department, which services the park, and has mutual/auto aid with other departments in a larger incident. This is unique since other entities like law enforcement are covered by the Orange County Sheriffs Office. Disneyworld still has to follow fire safety laws, (I am not sure if they put them in place or if Orange County’s apply to them).

Back to the topic, I do not believe it is a major concern. While yes, this is a violation of code, and just plain stupid. It doesn’t really affect anyone or anything. As long as other Notification appliances are placed near by, and it can be distinguished as a fire alarm device, there is really nothing to worry about.

I’m not employed by or affiliated with The Walt Disney Company in any way.

To clarify some things that @WheelockNS said… Reedy Creek (now the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District) is not a county, it’s a special district. It’s exempt from some county-level things, but it’s not and has never been exempt from state law, contrary to semi-popular belief.

Without getting into politics (which is not allowed on this forum), I will say that there’s a lot of misinformation out there about that district, so I understand how easy it is to get confused.

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Thanks for the clarification! I only really know how the district works in fire department terms, so I thank you for correcting me.

Since that has been clarified, this would be considered a code violation under numerous jurisdictions.

As I’ve mentioned in this case at Disneyland there is likely a variance that allows them to do this.