Standard Electric Time Co. light plate varietys

Standard Electric Time Co. 450 horns behind flush mount light plates
wheelock 34 behind Standard Electric Time Co. light plates

Just noticed there is two types or more Standard Electric Time Company light plates. These were made from 1969/1970 to about 1981. These are very rare, and most are in buildings, and none are on eBay. I was looking at Wiley209s photos on here and noticed one had a different type of grille than the other. Does anybody on the forum have one?

Could you please post the images? The URL of the image is supposed to be in between the “thumb” tags.

I dont have one.

Umm, are you guys the same person?

who me and tsscman123

I think Firefly is the only member who has one, but he no longer posts here.

The top photo is that your alarm?

An interesting strobe…

No, it’s Firefly’s.

I was thinking the exact same thing.

The last image looks just like them.

oh ok it should be yours lol

The light plates have FIVE different varieties. Oh, and how do you post pics.

Or, you can use the upload box below the post box.

There is only one left at my college, IIRC. It is in the Student Union in a closet of some sort…

The others in the building were modified or replaced. Some had U-HN-MCS horn/strobes installed, others kept the old horn but installed newer Faraday MTL-style strobes where the lights were.
The one in the second picture was initially upgraded in early 2009…

I will admit they do look kinda cool this way. But then in late 2009/early 2010, the horn stopped working, so they replaced it AGAIN…

This time they used a U-MMT!

The Business, Science and Technology buildings also used to have them, but now they have Wheelock Exceder horn/strobes in their place. I think there may have also been one in the Liberal Arts building before it was renovated, too.
The alarms were the originals from when those buildings were built in 1972. The 1978-era buildings originally had Simplex systems though (now the campus is mostly Notifier.)

The Canton-based campus also has/had the second version of the Standard light plates. Last I saw, all but one of them had those Faraday strobes added. Some were also replaced with U-MMTs, and another was replaced with a Space Age VA4 horn/strobe (I think the building has since been upgraded again…)

Sorry to bump this thread, but I remember seeing these in a building around Downtown Rockville. I might go there and grab a photo of one.