Standard Electric Time voice-evacuation system?!

A while back I was at one of the post offices in my city, and I was actually surprised by what fire alarm system they had there! Not only was it a Standard Electric Time Co. system, which are very rare around these parts nowadays, but it was also a voice-evacuation system! Strange they used voice-evac, as this was a rather small building. It looked like the system is probably from around the late 1970s or early 1980s…

These are the alarms there. They look like Wheelock ET speakers on red Standard light plates! The pull stations are those older Johnson Controls models.

Here is the control panel, right in the main lobby. There isn’t any logo or brand name on it, but I think this is a Standard voice-evacuation panel; it has an emergency mic on it and stuff like that.

Has anyone else ever come across a fire alarm system like this? I would like some more information please :smiley:

What’s strange about that ET speaker is that it has a thinner profile. Perhaps Wheelock made a version specifically for things like this.

It looks more like it’s semi-flush mounted. The speaker is mounted on the back of the light plate, and the grille is on the front.

It doesn’t matter.The grille of the ET sticks out more than that. The only other explanation would be that the plate is similar to the Simplex 4050-80 series in that the mounting bracket is recessed.

Wow, just when I thought I’d seen everything! Keep an eye on that system, Wiley, I’d love to have one of those if they ever upgrade the system.

They removed the semi-flush trim plate which causes ordinary ET’s to stick out farther than that. Without the trim plate, it looks exactly like the one shown in the photo.