Starting to Have Panel PCBs Fabricated

Got tired of my homemade panels that always end up a ratsnest so I switched to perfboard, however these format relays have a odd pin spacing. So, I decided it would be a good time to learn how to use EDA software. A few hours later, i have a (hopefully) functional pcb design. 2 sided with 2mm standoff holes.

Getting a small run of these fabbed in Shenzen right now.
Basically a “5001” panel;
Two SPDT relays for a latching circuit and silenceable NAC
Basic status LEDS
Reset, silence and realarm switch

Will soon be working on one with non-simplex selective silence and strobe sync, multi zone and a code 3 module.

Sorry for bump, but that seems pretty cool! Did you create the board yourself, or was it a pre-existing one that you drew the connections on?
Edit: Do you think you could add terminals for the power and devices?