Stickers with numbers on them on fire alarm NAs.

The local Walmart and Target both recently got new fire alarm systems. The new L-Series horn/strobes and strobes in both stores have stickers on them with numbers like 1-4-5 or similar to this. Anyone else seen this on NAs?

Ive seen a lot of these, and most of the stickers are by the strobe, im going to guess they indicate which fire alarm but ive seen pull stations and smoke detectors (atleast at my school) with stickers too. I’ve also seen long strips of numbers taped to NAs too.

Can’t say that I have ever seen it but maybe they are to label where each device in the system is and to keep track of them?

The stickers are on the side of the NAs. They are ceiling-mount NAs. The local Walmart has a wall-mount SpectrAlert Advance in the outside garden center with a sticker on the bottom.

From a service perspective, it is really great to have NAs be labeled with the NAC and the position on the circuit. If it is three numbers it is probably the number of the NAC panel, the NAC number, and position on the circuit. It would save me a huge number of hours if every site I worked on followed this practice, as well as labeled their addressable devices.

Stickers on initiating devices (pull stations, smoke detectors, etc.) generally indicate their intelligent address, such as L02D35, which means Loop 2 Device 35. I don’t know what the stickers on notification appliances might mean though. It might refer to the horn and candela settings, or to the circuit and control panel/power supply that they’re connected to, or it might be for inventory purposes.

I think that the stickers on the alarms themselves are to keep track of the circuit and control panel or power supply that they happen to be connected to.

My high school does this too on all the alarms, this is a picture of one of them

The speaker strobes usually have a longer number on them for example AZEC-F1561-NA6, I don’t know if this is the corrext format, for the record this system is EST.

Correction: the speaker strobes have a number scheme like this example: AZE6 N10:40-4

On a system I saw this was the following:

Ion smoke detectors : DFCI-ZN(number from 1-10)

Optical smoke : DI-ZN(zone number)

Manual call point : DM-Z(number from 1-10)-FDL*

Sounders: SR-E(floor number)

Smoke detector activation indicator (indicateur d’action) : IA-(number from 1-5)-DFCI/DI

(*FDL = end of line, if a MCP was at the end of the loop for instance on zone 4 it would be: DM-Z04-FDL, while a non-EOLR MCP would be: DM-Z04)

It’s a common practice on newer systems where I live…