Strange fire alarm upgrade at the local Aldi storr

I’m unsure… Either it’s a grandfathered system (that would be unlikely, but that would PROBABLY explain why there aren’t any strobes) or it’s a temporary system.

He mentioned the previous system had ceiling mounted SpectrAlert Advances, which were almost certainly horn strobes, same as in every other Aldi store: So the grandfathering clause wouldn’t apply, since a code-compliant system was replaced with a non-code compliant one.

Now I also wonder if the bell is panel-coded to Temporal 3 (since I don’t know of any bells that can self-code) or if they just left it in Continuous.

Then it could be that the current system is temporary…

I’d venture to guess that the new devices may be installed up in the ceiling rafters now that the drop ceiling is gone. Especially if they are white, they can be VERY hard to find.

Wouldn’t you be able to see the strobes though?

I know it took me a while to figure out what the signals were in the main part of my local Wegmans supermaket. I had seen a Wheelock AS outside, and wall-mounted NS’s in the dining area, but I didn’t notice until later that there were also AS’s high up on the ceiling in the main part. So I wouldn’t be shocked if this was the case with the OP’s Aldi. If not, then that’s a really weird - dare I say - downgrade.

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Here are some pictures of the Aldi store in question. In certain pictures you can see the SpectrAlert Advances the store used to have. There’s only about a couple of pictures on there from the time after the remodel took place.

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Here are some pictures of a new Aldi store that recently opened in my area. It think it might have the same set up that the other Aldi store now does after the remodel. Not sure though, because I haven’t been inside the store yet. However there are no visible fire alarm NAs in any of the pictures.

Well only time will tell if that is all there is to the system.

Maybe they were allowed to when they renovated? I was recently doing an annual at a place, where this restaurant basically ripped out its fire alarm for the main and top floors. The basement still had some devices. I asked the owner why they did it and he told me he had been granted a permit by the city to do so. All they have is a smoke alarm or two at the top of the stairs.

Then I hope that the alarms down there are loud enough to be heard by the upstairs.

Just to comment, a lot of Aldi locations had this done. The store isn’t required to have horn/strobes but they still need a way of automatically calling the fire department. They also have pull stations just because. The bell isn’t part of the alarm system it’s a shift change bell.