Strange fire alarm upgrade at the local Aldi storr

A local Aldi store just got a remodel and the fire alarm system was changed. The store used to have a drop ceiling and SpectrAlert Advances mounted on the ceiling tiles with Advances mounted on the wall in certain areas. With the remodel the store did away with the drop ceiling and now the store has no drop ceiling. All the SpectrAlert Advances were removed and now the store just has one gray bell hanging from the ceiling in the back of the store, but mounted horizontally as though it were mounted to a wall. They have a BG-12 pull station and a pull station in the front. They have duct detectors on the vents.

Do they have any other N/As than that gray bell?

No they don’t.

No they don’t. The store is pretty small however and bells are loud so it can probably be heard throughout the store.

Is this store in Canada?

No, the store is in the United States.

Some places in the United States still use old bells instead of any kind of horn. Especially if it is close to Canada.

Technically there’s nothing banning bells in US (as long as they’re not in a sleeping space). What surprises me is that they were allowed to eliminate the strobes, which is certainly not legal (unless the jurisdiction is still enforcing the 1989 edition of NFPA 72, or they have an “as long as it works, it passes” kind of AHJ, and even then, the ADA also has the requirement for strobes written in, and it applies nationwide).

I know there is nothing banning bells from being used in US systems, I was just simply saying that you are more likely to see them closer to Canada. Canadians sure do love their bells. And their Adaptahorns!

Mounted vertically.

The store is located in Florida which is far away from Canada.

Then I am guessing that they are using an old version of the fire code like what MayerFire had said.

Yes, or I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the contractors did something they shouldn’t have and the fire marshal is not aware of it. I’d be kind of tempted to send a little note over to them.

I wonder if the panel is in trouble.

If there even is a panel

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when they discussed how they planned on upgrading this system. :lol:

That Aldi store opened up in 2015. I remember when the store first opened. The previous fire alarm system with the Advances was only there for 3 years before the store underwent a remodel and changed the fire alarm system.

Before the building was redesigned for the Aldi grocery store there was a furniture store there that had Gentex horn/strobes (the ones with the vertical strobes red with white fire lettering) on the support beams and walls.

The store does have a panel in the front and a pull station.

Do you know if it is in trouble or not?

The last time I was at the store I think it said “system normal”.

Then maybe it is a simple backwards upgrade that just passes after all.