strobe 4050-80?

Did simplex ever make a strobe version of the 4050-80 light plate???

Don’t quote me on this, but no.

Because that answers the question?

yes it dose

That doesn’t work at all in this situation. lmgtfy is really supposed to be used with more obvious questions, such as “Can I get a data sheet for a BG-12” or something else that can be found really easily with Google.

Please cool it with all of the lmgtfy links. What’s the point of having a fire alarm help section if people are only going to post links to that?

Show me? I don’t see anything that says that Simplex n/ever made a strobe-based 4050-80.

Someone got ahold of a datasheet. It never existed. I don’t remember who got ahold of it but I saw it once and it never listed a strobe version.