strobe lights

No, I’m not talking about on fire alarms. I’m talking about those strobe lights you find in Spencer’s.

I’m thinking about getting one.

I think you should get one.

I do not think you should get one.

I think you should, they are fun.

I do not think you should. They are not so fun.

Get a dog… THEY ARE FUN!

If you get a dog, it might not like the strobe light.

Probably best if you skip them both.

I am not sure you could even handle a pet. And you might have a seizure from the strobe light.

Seizures are bad.

They are… VERY bad! That is why I do not recommend this person get a strobe light. You on the other hand gatorade, if you were to get one. I would totes come to your rave.

OH good, Ben is invited to the rave too. Maybe we can talk some shop while he’s here.

If Ben goes I am not going. Sorry.

Don’t want to hear about camp … rainbow.

Camp Rainbow sounds like the name of a gay for pay site.

Either way, I don’t recommend getting a dog or going to camp rainbow, but I do recommend getting a strobe light. Get several and put different colour gels on them, fun will result.

You do not recommend a dog? What are you a terrorist or something?

I think the OP would just starve the poor thing.

I don’t recommend getting a dog cause I don’t like dogs, you have no right to call me a terrorist just because I recommended against getting a dog. I swear Jake, you just go looking for arguments and you feed off of other peoples anger, go back to 4chan already with the rest of your kin.

I have never been on that site except for my work but you can go enjoy your self there. I would however not recommend it…

And you need to learn how to take a fucking joke getting a dog is considered like part of your average American household and is the stereotypical pet of Americans…

Oh well…

Right…cause I’m the one who cant take a joke…