Strobe Synchronization

Hi all, I’m a fire alarm enthusiast and I have been for some time. I will probably have quite a few questions for you all, so bear with me.

I’m in the process of tinkering with a Silent Knight 5207 panel, along with some Wheelock CH70-24MCW chime strobes. I’ve programmed the 5207 panel so that the chimes are set to 0.5 seconds on, 0.5 seconds off, therefore synchronizing the chimes themselves. The strobes are on a separate circuit, and unfortunately I have yet to figure out how to set a separate coding for them, but that’ll come later.

Assuming I can get the strobes to run continuously, I run into another problem. The strobes do not sync, so I’ve been trying to research synchronization modules but I’ve come up cold. Can anyone explain how I could integrate one or how they work?

Thank you!

First see if the 5207 supports Wheelock sync, if I recall correctly I don’t think it does, if it does just set that on another bell circuit and set it up as non silence. If it doesn’t you can get Wheelock sync modules on Ebay for cheap, you pretty much wire it to a NAC on the panel and wire all the strobes to the sync module.