Suggestion: Some sort of thread duplication prevention measure

There have been some instances where I accidentally made a new thread that I thought was original when it wasn’t. I am sure that I’m not the only one that has made that mistake and I think that a duplication prevention measure would help. It could say something like “The thread that you tried to create already exists. Please try something else.”. It doesn’t have to cover every single thread though. I was thinking about the popular ones like the fire alarms in movies / tv shows thread.

We have “Your topic is similar to…” when writing a topic’s title right now at least.

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I second this
This would be a really good feature

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As @TheCarson116 stated, Discourse provides a “similar to” notice when users are creating a post. Anything beyond that is very likely to cause false positives which is less than ideal.

In the event a duplicate post exists, the best thing to do is flag the post. We have the ability to move posts to an existing topic to help de-duplicate things. We don’t always catch them on our own though.

Ok. I didn’t think that there was already a feature like that. It has never popped up for me but that could be because I use the app half the time.