Sync Module

Can I sync multiple Wheelock alarms with my Wheelock sync module without a panel? Thanks!

Yes you can, it’s very simple to do. Wire all your alarms like the sync module says to do and then simply connect 24 volt power to the place the manual says the NAC wiring goes.

Okay thanks! :smiley:

Er, actually, one more thing. Do the alarms have to be Wheelock? It’s a Wheelock SM-12/24-R Sync Module.

Yes, they have to be syncable Wheelock devices. Older alarms like 7002T’s or vertical-strobe MT’s won’t work.

Oh okay. Luckily I have a horizontal strobe MT on the way! Thanks again!

The SM/DSM will sync these signals:

AS, NS, Exceder series, Exceder LED series, MIZ-24S, RSS

The SM/DSM will sync only the strobe on these signals – horizontal strobe models only:

MT, HS, E50, E60, E70, E90, Exceder LED speaker/Strobes, AMT

Do not wire the sync module to the horn or speaker on any of these signals.

Doesn’t it work on the CH-70?

Yes, it will sync the strobe on CH-70’s with the horizontal strobe.