Sync Protocols

Out of curiosity, are there any synchronization protocols that are compatible with other synchronization protocols used by other companies? I know Simplex is only compatible with Simplex, but I don’t know if there others out there, like Wheelock possibly being compatible with Siemens, etc.

I’ve discovered that SpectrAlert Advances and Genesis’s synch themselves to each other when they both are coding themselves to Code 3, strangely enough.

Check it out:

It is possible to sync multiple NACs running different sync protocols, but you can’t sync multiple devices on the same NAC using one protocol. Here’s an example why:

The Wheelock protocol does a fast double pulse and then pulses ~900ms on and 30ms off.
When you silence it, it sends a slightly faster double pulse that tells the alarm to go into silent mode, then does the same ~900ms / 30 ms.

The Gentex protocol does ~850ms on and 10ms off when in alarm… and ~840 ms on and 30 ms off when silenced.

What happened was when I ran the Wheelock protocol on an NS and a Commander3 on the same NAC, the NS was fine but the Commander3 never sounded. When I changed the timing to be shorter, the NS started doing erratic pulsing while the Commander 3 worked.

I also had a SpectrAlert Advance in there… unmodified, the strobe synced with the NS strobe but the horn kept doing two pulses, stopping, doing a short one, and doing two more. When I modified the timing, the Advance and the Commander 3 synced for a little bit, but ran out.

Well, my specific question was, can I use the Wheelock sync protocol to sync CP/Siemens signals, since Wheelock now makes signals for Siemens and the datasheets on Siemens site day to use the Siemens DSC to sync the signals as opposed to Wheelock’s DSM. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try…