Sync several 5495 boosters

I have (6) Silent Knight 5495 booster panels. Each booster is fired off an individual trigger module. Is there a way to sync all panels? I set the panel programming on the AV group for Wheelock sync, but no luck. Main panel is a Silent Knight 6820. Tech support keeps giving me conflicting answers.

I took a peek at the installation manual it doesn’t look like there’s a way to sync separate 5495 modules, they each have to have sync patterns set internally. They are triggered by a signal from the panel or control module and the trigger is isolated from the output. I.E. the sync pattern output by a control module or FACP is not passed from the input terminals to the 5495 NACs.

Roger that. Guess I was given bad info then. Whole reason I even went with trigger modules instead of the on board NACs to trigger each floor was to avoid sync modules and having to pull a sync circuit. I’m going to look around one more time and if I cant find any way then looks like im pulling wire. Thanks.

Would it really be necessary to sync each NAC in the system? The 5495s are completely capable of syncing their NACs internally, and last I checked (but you absolutely should verify this with your local AHJ before doing anything), NFPA does not mandate system-wide signal sync across multiple circuits, as long as all strobes in any field-of-vision are synchronized. For example, if I’m standing at the end of a long hallway on level 1 with several strobes, they must all flash at once, but do not have to flash at the exact same moment as the same synchronized strobes on level 2 (as long as you can’t see the level 2 strobes from level 1). If your NACs are organized such that the signals in each floor/room/corridor are on one synchronized circuit, and the layout of the building allows, you may be okay with just syncing your NACs from the boosters directly.

When you say trigger modules I’m assuming you are referring to the SK-CONTROL or SK-RELAY modules?

Correct about the SK- CONTROL. Reason I need boosters synced is because they have a booster on each side of the building on each floor. The common areas are fed off both so I am having major syncing issues in areas of each floor due to mixed wiring from boosters. I was given the impression I could fix this without sync modules by using control modules. Also, since I am syncing each floor to itself anyway and I have time on the job I would like to sync the building for future wiring and for my own satisfaction.

Tech support may be confused. I can say with certainty that the SK-CONTROL does not provide any sort of sync signal, only switches the source 24 volts on and off.

Yes, the 5495 NAC panel can do master or slave sync. In order to have it sync with other NAC panels, you need to use slave sync with the NAC trigger connected to an already synced circuit. The problem is, if you are using the SK-CONTROL with the 24 volt source from the NAC panel, you have no slave sync source.

Some manufacturers offer addressable modules that provide sync, but not Silent Knight. The only way to do this is to run a common synced NAC trigger circuit to all NAC panels from the FACP. Or if all you need is to sync individual floors, you can trigger all the additional NAC panels off of the first one one the floor and set the first one to master sync.