Sync Wheelock Visuals

Does anyone know how to program Wheelock sync visual on a Simplex 4100ES?

Wheelock code 3 devices is a check box in the data entry tab on each SPS, RPS, or XPS. Each power supply can sync Simplex or Wheelock appliances but not both.

EPS power supplies have IDNAC circuits which are SLCs so are ONLY for Simplex addressable notification appliances. The IDNAC is not compatible with Wheelock or any other conventional reverse polarity circuit devices.

If the system is supplied with EPS and Wheelock appliances, either the power supplies or the notification appliances have to be changed.

Alternatively, you could install a Wheelock sync module (Model # DSM-12/24-R). This takes the continuous NAC output and converts it into one syncable output that controls both the horns and the strobes on the signals.

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