System Sensor Install

Hello all,

I was recently at the local swim club that has system sensor P2r Horn/Strobes installed in the locker rooms (I have yet to look at the panel). I noticed something very odd about the older P2r in the Men’s Locker Room, it was installed upside down!!! It was also odd that the FIRE label was readable (not upside down). ANy ideas why this might be. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

My guess that they used a P2R-P and used SS’ DECAL-W decals (or some other lettering means) to correct its orientation.

Thanks for the quick reply, but I made a mistake. The alarm is the older Spectralert Classic(upside down) with the FIRE label flipped as well. Any ideas on that?

Can you see if you can take a photo?

Here it is

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The spaces between the letters look shiny, is it possible that could also be a sticker?

Definitely looks like it. Now that I think of it, they probably used a label maker with white on clear tape, like

The question would be, why?

In the NFPA 72, the lens of a strobe has specific mounting height requirements, the speaker portion itself does not. Could be installed upside down to meet that requirement on existing electrical boxes.

The thing is, all of the other Spectralert classics in the building/floor are normal… I’m assuming the back boxes would be the same throughout as well. That would make no sense to mount that one alarm differently, unless that is some sort of rare ceiling mount version.

“Why” is a very important question and exactly what I was wondering. I would hope there would be some kind of legit reason such as the one you suggested. Seems like a whole lot of extra work for no damn reason otherwise.

There is already a ceiling mount version of the Spectralert classic.

I know that, That’s why I said “rare” version. Not to familiar with system sensor products anyways, sorry :expressionless:

Yah it’s a circle

Back to the original topic, anyone have any ideas on why it would be like that in the picture above, still curious :mrgreen:

It could be possible that the installer mistakingly installed it upsidown and was simply too lazy to fix it and the owner of the building or someone else just put the fire labels on it rather that turning it the correct way

Not sure about this model, but I believe that with the speaker strobe combinations (that look simular) the strobe can be turned upside down in the field to help get around an obstruction.

Yes but this is the speaker strobe (quite different than the original spectralert Classic)

Actually I was mistaken, it’s not the strobe itself that is reversible, but the mounting plate - I just remember a rep telling us one time about the unit being reversible but never really gave it much thought. They just always seemed to work out where we needed them. But I would have to disagree with you saying the speaker strobes are “quite different” than the horn strobes. With the exception of the audible function being different and the dimension difference, both units are still in the Spectralert (classic) family. I would even assume they both share the same internal parts on the strobe portion of the units.