System Sensor L-series NAs coming to the local Walmart.

The local Wal-Mart during the remodel it’s getting is getting the SpectrAlert Classics replaced with L-Series. They have just recently installed l-series NAs on the ceiling throughout the store. They haven’t yet taken down the old Classics. So currently the store has both Classics and L-series NAs on the ceiling throughout the store.

How can you tell a ceiling mount L-series is actually an L-series? Doesn’t it look the same as an Advance?

The remote strobes maybe look the same for both. Not the horn/strobes however. I can tell the difference. Plenty of new stores opening up in my area having ceiling mount L-Series NAs.

Up close, or if you’re “reeeaaalllyyy” staring at it, there are some big differences :slight_smile:

The only place that I know that has L-series around here is the “Family Dollar” and the one NA on the ceiling I swear looks like an Advance.

The biggest difference between ceiling mount appliances is that the SpectrAlert Advance has the FIRE lettering facing straight down, while the L-Series has it facing sideways along the edge.

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The men’s room at the local Walmart now has an L-series on the ceiling and an old Classic that is still on the wall.

Are they both horn/strobes or are they both strobes or is it one of each? What is the configuration?

They are both remote strobes.

The local Walmart still has both the L-series and the old Classics on the ceiling. Hopefully they are not both presently connected.

I don’t think that they are. I’m sure the Classics are disconnected.

They’ve just removed the Classics. They installed a SpectrAlert Advance on the wall in the outside garden area near the entrance to the inside garden area, an area that previously had no NA.

The L-Series must have not introduced a weatherproof model yet.