System Sensor L-Series

Have you seen it in your area? System Sensor L-Series NAs are starting to pop up in newly opened stores in my area.

I worked on a project at a joined elementary school and middle school in my district. We installed a Notifier voice evac system to replace the old simplex system. They had semi-flush plates with a square box extender and old simplex horns, then an inch of conduit went up or down or to the side into another box with old edwards (I think) “Fire” lights. Some spots had Wheelock AS’s. We installed the new notifier system with L-series speaker strobes on the ceiling. Then we took all the old horns down, and slapped covers on the original box in the wall.

All of my school’s trailers have the L-Series horn strobes.

Other than that, I haven’t. There hasn’t been many building renovations in my area though, so I’ll have to see about the newer buildings that pop up in my town.

Surprisingly, a lot of the new buildings (renovations too) around my area are either Wheelock Exceeders or Gentex Commander 4s. Only one store I’ve been to that had L alarms was a Target, which replaced SpectrAlert Classics (also ceiling mount).

If Advances replaced most MultiAlert alarms, then L-series will replace SpectrAlert alarms

Haven’t seen them in an installation. but i have 3 of them and take back my past remark of them being ugly. They look pretty nice actually. At least the white ones.

I’ve seen them in a few new convenience stores in the northeast, as well as a new McDonald’s. Basically, the places that used to install Advances.

I have yet to see a single L-series device… around here Exceders and Siemens Z-series devices are used literally in almost 100% of the new installations, or Siemens E-series devices for the occasional voice-evac system.

I’ve seen the ceiling-mount PC2RL and SCRL models recently in a local church building. They have a Simplex 4002 (I think) which is still in service along with a 4600-Series annunciator, 4251-20 pulls and whiffle ball smokes. The PC2RLs went in to replace the inadequate older signals, which were sparsely placed Simplex 2901-9833 horns. There were no visual signals except one Federal 450D+VALS that replaced a -9833. I hate to see the old horns go, but the building is large enough (and the coverage was sparse enough) that if one horn died, it would seriously detriment the horn coverage.

A local hotel has 2 that replaced TrueAlerts. They’re on the 3rd floor.

I found them in a newly remodeled convenience store, and in a small shopping center that’s nearly finished being built near me.

Also, I wish I had more Wheelocks than System Sensors where I lived. Around here, seemingly 90% of conventional systems from the last 15 years that aren’t Simplex or EST have SS horns.

Sounds like the hotel management folks may be thinking about dumping Simplex!

Well Simplex CAN be rather expensive when it comes to servicing a system and having to replace horns that break down so it could be a possibility. Why else would people see Notifier everywhere? :lol:

Exactly what happened in my area… used to be full of Simplex systems, got too expensive, cheaper companies (like Honeywell or Siemens) were chosen. The last Simplex system that I know of in my area was installed in 2014, and the local Simplex branch closed in 2015 or 2016.

The local Simplex branch that is closest to me is actually in Pawtucket but it still seems to be operating so that is good.

I own one in my collection. They are small, but very versatile. 8 tones, and about as loud as an exceeder. It gives commanders and exceeders a run for their money.

what a relief…

Well, the Exceder is 90dB at low volume, while on the L-Series manual lists the device at 84dB low volume.

I believe the Exceder’s dB rating is UL Anechoic, while the L-Series is UL Reverberant. The SpectrAlert Advance had both anechoic and reverberant ratings, with the highest reverberant rating being 90dB, which matches with the L-Series. If the L-Series rating is actually anechoic, then that would mean it is 10dB quieter than the SpectrAlert Advance. The Exceder’s highest rating is 99dB, which matches with the SpectrAlert Advance’s maximum anechoic rating of 100dB.