System Sensor Low Frequancy Sounder Unboxing/Testing


Below i have 2 videos. One is the unboxing of the sounder and the 2nd one is the test so Enjoy and ask away.

Note: The most common question i get is “where did you get it” And to pervent that here i got it from system sensor. And there is a rumer going aroun that i paid $120.00 for it. like i said it is just a rumer i did not pay anything for it it was free so please dont ask those kinds of questions. Thank you.


^ that is the unboxing of the low frequancy sounder

[youtube]v3efqMOpHzk[/youtube]<that is the test of the low frequancy sounder


If you dont want people to “think” you paid $120, then dont tell 5 people you paid $120…

I am on of those 5 people.

If you do not want people asking questions why tell anyone you have it?

Please do not cause drama… no one likes that.

ALSO… start using spell check.

People can ask questions it’s just those questions are asked a lot. Also… Sam you know how I got it. And you know it was free because I told you on the phone a month or 2 months ago.

The sounder kind of sounds like the simplex 4100 chime tone.

I thought the same exact thing upon hearing the alarm in the video. I wonder how loud it is in person.

The alarm does not have a volume selection. It is not that loud but I don’t think the Advanced horn/strobes are loud either

I have heard a SpectrAlert Classic in person and I thought that they were wicked loud.

Phlease Shpell Proshperly. Itsh Gettin annnoyyying.

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