System Sensor MASS-series tab/clip questions

Hey everyone. I have a System Sensor MASS-24, not sure of the year of manufacture, but the strobe has big “FIRE” lettering printed on it as opposed to ones like Andrew’s MAEH-24M that have smaller “FIRE” lettering. From what I can tell it’s old enough to use break-off tabs, & I must ask: is there any way of changing tones WITHOUT permanently breaking off the tabs? If it’s not a break-tab model after all, where might I find clips for it? I’ve also got a BRK-rebranded MA-24 that has two of the tabs broken off, & it does a hertz tone as opposed to my MASS-24 which has all the tabs intact & does slow whoop.

On the ones that I have, there are metal clips that slide out and off the tabs. I just use a small flat head screw driver to slide them off. The tone of the alarm is dependent on the clip configuration.

That doesn’t answer my question though. I need to know how to change tones without permanently breaking the tabs, or if it’s a model that uses clips where I can find some since mine did not come with clips.

The MASS series uses metal clips that are put on to tabs A,B, and C in a certain configuration for a specific tone. There aren’t any “break off tab” models in the MASS series. To be honest, I have not heard of a multi-tone sounder with “break off tabs”. Really any metal object that can safely connect the two traces under each tab will work.

This topic mentions “break-off tab” model MASSes: <URL url="System sensor MASS text=“viewtopic.php?f=3&t=7125&hilit=mass+tab”>System sensor MASS I’m fairly certain mine IS a “break-tab” model: there isn’t any metal on any of the tabs for a clip to connect, leading me to believe it’s a “break-tab” model.