System Sensor MASS! (sort of...)

I recently found an eBay listing for a System Sensor MASS with a different strobe. Of course, I took the chance and bought it. When it came, I instantly opened it up, and to my surprise, didn’t work like it was supposed to. There are sections of the circuit board where you insert and remove the jumpers to change the tone. There were no jumpers, and these parts of the circuit board were broken off in a 1-0-1 pattern. This happens to be the tone, as you’ll see in the video. I’m getting another (better) one from the seller.

Any questions?

That MASS (well actually, it’s technically a MA/SS) was the 1st generation version of that alarm. And it sounds like whoever installed it thought it was easier or whatever to break off the places where the jumpers go instead of actually using them.

MASS or MA/SS … does it really matter what it’s called?

Technically it IS called a MASS though–MA/SS comes from a BRK-rebranded version with the model “BRK-MA/SS”

This is what the ID tag says:



After all, the MA is the horn and the SS is the strobe, meaning it’s a horn strobe combo.

Also, I’ve fixed this alarm. I’ve soldered wires to the parts of the circuit board where the jumpers go, and attached switches. It’s more efficient than the actual jumpers :lol:

Huh. Mine says

Also, nice idea on the fix!

I always thought of doing that to one of mine also. (wiring switches to the tabs) That way it’d be easier to change the tones and not have to worry about losing those tiny jumpers.