System Sensor RTS151KEY Reset Function

Hello all–

I have a System Sensor RTS151KEY Key Station, and have noticed that the trying to turn the key to ‘Reset’, nothing happens. I just wired the RTS’s reset terminals directly to one of my MS-5’s zones as you would a normal pull or smoke. I read on the manual something about a test coil, and have found a few on eBay, I just want confirmation that it would resolve the issue. I also noted that in all the examples they used in the manual, the key switch was wired some sort of duct detector or the new BEAM detector, so maybe that could just be why its not working? I’m pretty sure the reset feature is implemented just to reset its married detector, but I could swear in the past I found a few Youtube videos where someone just directly wired the reset terminals to an IDC sans any smoke detector.

Anyways, thanks for your guys’ help, and stay safe and healthy through this time!

i think the test coil is for remotely doing a mag test on a non-reachable smoke head.

Care to post pictures of your wiring so we can investigate it a bit?

Sounds like you need to check your wiring diagrams for the RTS151 against how you’ve wired it up. The RTS151KEY is designed to be connected to a remote duct or beam smoke detector. The detector itself is the only thing that interfaces with the SLC or IDC. In the case of your MS-5, it would be the IDC. The RTS151’s Alarm/Reset key switch simply shunts the common terminal to either the Test or Reset terminal, and need to be hooked up to test/reset inputs on a compatible detector for them to have the desired effect.

Ah, I see. Ok, thanks for the help!

Oh, and yea I can upload a picture of my wiring (Once I find my darned keys). Maybe I’m missing something?

Neeeever mind!

Me, being my young naïve self, just skimmed the wiring diagrams, and didn’t realize that the two circuits are separate. I thought that the circuits had a common terminal (Terminal 4). Either that or it’s because I’m using an MMF-300 with my new 9200UDLS (Thank you FireAlarmTech!), and it has different properties of the IDC than the MS5UD (Highly unlikely though).

Moral of the story? NEVER skim through wiring diagrams. Like, NEVER. Heh.

At least it works :slight_smile:

An excellent moral; I believe that everyone here has at some point spent hours staring at their circuit and wondering why it doesn’t work. I also know that several users here (myself included) have fried entire panels as a result of failing to read the manuals thoroughly.

Show us how you wired it and what you want each device to do and maybe we can help you cross-reference what you set up against the wiring diagrams. In your original post, you mentioned the RTS being wired to trip an MS-5UD but you just now said that you’re using an MMF-300 with an MS-9200UDLS. There are some significant differences, however a key switch should be easy to wire as an input device to either a regular IDC or a monitor module.