System Test 26


That was cool. It was nice to see a change in the notification. Hopefully in the future you will consider using a Silent Knight or another rare voice.

Unfortunately there’s no way to use a different message on the ANS100. It just has the emergency and all clear messages.

Oh, that’s too bad. :frowning: That tone in between messages sounded odd.

So VA4 speakers and horns come separately without any strobe plates?

Yeah, they can be ordered separately. The VA4 model number is actually for the strobe plate, while the horn is “HA24D” and the speaker is “TVMAA”.

Haha. :mrgreen:

1,000 kHz? That’s well out of the human hearing range. That’s definitely 1 kHz, or 1,000 Hz.

Also, that tone is very annoying. I would definitely evacuate if I heard that!

Yeah, it’s 1kHz. I mixed up Hz and kHz while I was talking.

Has an HA24D horn ever been attached to an AV32 light or strobe plate?

My strobe plate came with an HA24D horn. That was a fairly common setup in the early 90’s prior to the VA4 series. As far as electronic horns used with AV32 light plates, I’ve never seen it but I’m sure it exists somewhere.

I think that there was a picture somewhere, but that is just about it.