System Test 4


Here is my 80’s/90’s system test!

Nice why are you leaving

With all of the work I do for editing, it takes a lot out of you. I’ve done a lot of off-site productions meaning that the internet can’t see them or have details on them. Trust me, I’ve done a lot that you haven’t seen. This year was a rough and busy year for production, so I take a month long break every July. I’m still here, I’m just not uploading. I’ll be back full-force in September. August will be the filming month of doom as there is a lot to shoot.

May i asked why you only used 2 conductors from each stran of cable you ran? Why not use all?

I know that it is a moot point because you are leaving for a month, but do you have any electromechanical horns?

Only a 7002T. It would murder that power supply as it already has high current demands from stuff like the smokes and fan.

Why does your panel have a fan?

It can’t get too hot in there.