System Test 49


Awesome!!! :smiley:

lol, I like how the thumbnail picture of the video is the glass broken.

Yep, because I took the picture after the test in order to show that I would be breaking the glass. :lol:

Partners can do that :smiley:

That horn sounds so sickly. Its rare to find 4903 horns that sound healthy unless they are in schools.

Pfft, my high school has 4903-9219s that just sound like loud static. The one in the band room sounds especially bad.

I know, I just became a YouTube partner, and am soooo confused with this “monetization” thing.

You don’t have to be a partner. In my case, I have yet to become a partner yet I still get to use custom thumbnails.

That is true. YouTube has changed their partner program recently so it is not nearly as rigorius of a process to become partnered, and have given features that were previously available to partners to practically everybody.

This is something that I, as well as a lot of other “Legacy Partners” are not happy about because we had to work really hard to get the benefits of being a partner, and now, it seems like YouTube is just giving them out like candy.

I just recently became partners. Its wrong beacuse i guy who has 2 subscribers can do the same that i can.


how do you became a partner

I think now it’s something along the lines of having to “successfully monetize at least one of your videos”. There used to be a whole submission and approval process.

what do you mean by monetize

Set your videos to have ads and make money off them.

ok will do thanks

Interesting because both my elementary school and high school had 9219 horns that were very healthy.

Its not that easy…

  1. You have to be partnered to get " High Earnings "