System Test 9 On The Phone With Computertech24

To solve the alarm mounting problem, get a couple of 4-inch metal back boxes for horn/strobes and 2-inch metal back boxes for pull stations. That will allow you to mount pretty much nay alarm without having it hang off the wall. Heck, if you have the money, get a couple of wire mold boxes in the same sizes.

I have a conduit box for the new pull station but I thing I will buy some for system test 11,12or13 it depends thank you for helping me

How much would the boxes cost? Around $15

Great test! You are brave to pull the alarm right under an AS!

With out ear protection! You herd me say OUCH when the AS went off

I know how loud ASs can be from my high school also. I hope you didn’t lose any hearing.

WHAT! Lol yes,they are very loud to me I think they are louder then the specralerts.

Since you mention that, a warning is included with some NA’s. I think System Sensor does. They basically say that the appliance can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss.

The outdoor ASWP at my high school you could hear even if you were the farthest away from it.