SystemSensor P2RH LF Low Frequency sounder/strobe?

Hey guys, I was surfing the system sensor website the other day and I found this device so I searched it up on YouTube and I saw that it wasn’t that common at all and they are pricy. I think that they sound really cool too. What’s your guys’ thoughts and opinions on it? Also, where can I find one?

My candidate for the SAA speaker… Looks way nicer, just needs a module removed.

They seem pointless.

I’d love to have one, but you’re right, they are expensive. I imagine they would only be required in special circumstances and the demand is probably not all that high for them. (compared to other ordinary devices)

They’re not pointless, they exist because I believe the NFPA code started requiring them in hotels/seeping areas a year or two ago since the low frequency tone they generate is more efficient at waking people up. They’re just not very widespread yet because not many local jurisdictions have adopted the new code yet, because pre-existing hotel systems wouldn’t have to upgrade their notification appliances, etc.

I heard a rumor Gentex is working on their own low frequency sounder, and I imagine the other alarm companies are too.

I mean the code itself. A damn Spectra Advanced wakes ANYONE up!

(Proof: Kids+ teachers falling asleep in class.)

studies have shown 500hz is more likely to wake up a hearing impaired and drunk people. it’s not about loudness.

most companies have low frequency sounders already, usually in audible bases where you’d need them in hotels, dormitories, etc. but like U8oL0 pointed out, its a new requirement so they aren’t widespread yet and will only be required in new construction. even then, you won’t need these in any system with voice capabilities and i see audible bases more than anything new hotels/condos/whatever. low frequency devices will become widespread, not so sure about the combo devices though.

Older non-ADA Wheelock HS can wake up the dead. If you also dosing off in class, Simplex introduced a nice little device in the 90’s called the 4903-9806. The half blast before it goes into temporal scares the hell out of everyone. Btw the Wheelocks are also in bathrooms about the size of a storage shed. Haven’t been in there when it has gone off, but damn thats a good way to wake up in the morning! :mrgreen:

They’re anything but pointless. Studies have shown that 500hz low frequency tones are more effective at waking people up than standard “broadband” horn tones, including the elderly and people with mild to severe hearing loss. Wheelock makes them too, and they look just like their Exceder LED speaker-strobes. However, while these sounders are essentially a tone generator hooked up to a speaker, I doubt removing the tone generator will instantly turn it into a speaker-strobe.

It’s gonna suck having Spectralert Classics in the Oklahoma State dorms… I want these instead.

Most likely it has something in it to prevent that from being done.

Although doesn’t directly reference the low frequency alarms or fire alarm systems, here is some good information on the problem of children sleeping through a residential smoke alarm going off in their home.

First video is from Dateline - they even reference a voice alarm recorded in the parents voice which worked much better than the standard code-3 sounder (but still not 100%)

Here’s an article that references a study done in Australia. There’s a link towards the bottom of the page with the original journal article if someone wants to pay $6 for it! But the article sums it up nicely.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 121842.htm”>Fewer than one-third of children ages 5-15 will wake up to home smoke alarms, study suggests -- ScienceDaily</LINK_TEXT>

Why are these more expensive? To produce the 520Hz tone, SSD uses a mini-speaker instead of a piezo.

Another option is use the 520Hz audio file in selected voice evacuation products. Some manufactures (Gamewell-FCI) have UL approval to use their E3 Series voice evac for 520Hz compliance using System Sensor speakers.

They sound really nice though

EST has a low-frequency that looks like a Genesis speaker, as well. Can’t find anything from Simplex, but wouldn’t be shocked if they eventually have something

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