Targets that sell produce (fruits).

Does your local Target sell produce? Mine does now. And meats. It’s not a Super Target though. It’s the same size as a traditional Target store.

My local, regular, Target doesn’t, but a year or two ago, they began to introduce fresh produce and meat into their stores to better compete with other chains, such as Walmart.

My local Target standard (not Super/Greatland/Urban/City/etc.) got upgraded to what Wikipedia calls “PFresh”.

The Austin, MN one does not have produce, AFAIK. They do have dairy products, though, and I’ve never really taken a close look in the food section lately.

Our Target actually re-did the entire store to accommodate a fruit section.

People must really want their fruits!

The target literally right down the road from the supermarket I work at just got that same renovation. I wouldn’t trust their produce though, just me…

Or it is probably just that they set high standards where I work.

The one that my mother goes to does NOT sell produce but it has several restaurants in it.

Restaurants? Are they kiosks like Dunkin Donuts or actual sit-down restaurants?

The Targets near me has one sit-down restaurant. Their own Target Cafe.

My local Target has a Pizza Hut Express in it. The nearest SuperTarget has a Target cafe and Starbucks in it.

Kiosks. There is a Dunkin Donuts and another one which I can’t remember right now.

Speaking of kiosk restaurants, the local Home Depot and Lowes have one outside that sells hotdogs and burgers.

Because men that are shopping for hardware are manly men and need manly food when they are done. :mrgreen:

Another Target near me just remodeled their store. They don’t sell produce or meats, but they now have two aisles with freezers that have frozen foods. Interestingly, the remodel required them to move one of their Radionics pull stations to a different location. It’s now by the entrance to the store. It use to be at the desk, which was changed into a Starbucks.

Something I’ve notice about Targets in my area is that they have been closing their garden centers. Both of the Targets near me don’t have garden centers anymore.

What do they have in place of the garden centers?

Nothing. It’s just an empty area now. The door that led from the store to the garden center was removed and wall was put up where the door was.

ours reacently turned into one

So its just an empty room that is sealed off?