Tecumseh Signals

I found a company known as Tecumseh Signals that appears to manufacture Faraday signals from the F-Series era for transportation vehicles. According to this website, the company formed in 2009, but this 2012 archive of the website claims that it had over 20 years of experience at the time. Could this be a spin-off of Faraday/Siemens as a result of the Wheelock lawsuit?

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I found that website myself a while back: not really sure what to make of it including if it’s ever had any relation at all to Faraday but it is neat.

These are probably what was installed in most of the buses in my town for stop request chimes. They are black and have the faraday style grille, I’ve always wondered who makes those and thought they were horns.

It looks like Faraday was based in Tecumseh, Michigan in 2000 according to this archive.

Woah, I knew there was a Tecumseh Technologies in the old Faraday factory, but not a different signal company with the same owner as Tecumseh Tech. I am not sure exactly what the company is, however, I believe (source: I made it up) is that once Siemens bought Faraday out and moved them, they kept a smaller force at the Tecumseh building to service that area, but under a new name. But this is all speculation. Really sucks how Faraday was bought out, ruined by Siemens, had to basically stop making their own notification devices because of the settlement with Wheelock, and finally Siemens killed it off, also ending Standard Time, which was a part of Faraday.

According to the Tecumseh Technologies website, Tecumseh Technologies was “Founded in 2004 after many previous years of technical experience at Faraday.” I think your spin-off idea is correct.

Also, the 2006 version of the homepage makes no reference to any notification appliances, while the 2009 version has a direct link to Tecumseh Signals, which occupies the same building as Tecumseh Technologies. It looks like everything is connected to Faraday.

Seems like someone either who took up the power void, or perhaps was something done by Siemens, or old employees who got laid off and got together.

This action was probably taken by Siemens, since 2004 was also when Faraday stopped rebranding System Sensor detectors, and when Faraday’s website moved from faradayllc.com to faradayfirealarms.com. The detector catalog before the change can be found in this archive, while the detector catalog after the change can be found in this archive.

Nice that in a way Faraday continues on thanks to (potentially) former employees of the company & that its history (sort of) didn’t end with Siemens phasing it out.

Google Maps backs this up: one of the signs on the property of 805 S. Maumee St. in Tecumseh, Michigan (Faraday’s former address) has both “TECUMSEH SIGNALS” & “TECUMSEH TECHNOLOGIES, LLC” written on it (wonder if there’s any connection between the two). There’s also clearly a former Faraday logo on one part of the building (that now reads “MARTIN’S HOME CENTER”, which I guess is the business that now occupies that part of the facility).

Since when did Faraday sell smoke detectors? (rebranded System Sensor ones no less)

On another note, going by those two sites 2004 is also when their logo was updated from the classic “oval” version to the newer “stripes” version.

Since when did Faraday sell smoke detectors? (rebranded System Sensor ones no less)

I’m not sure when Faraday started selling smoke detectors, but some of the detectors on the website are obvious System Sensor rebrands. A full list of rebrands can be found on the Tecumseh website.

both “TECUMSEH SIGNALS” & “TECUMSEH TECHNOLOGIES, LLC” written on it (wonder if there’s any connection between the two).

The 2009 version of the Tecumseh Technologies site linked above includes a link to the Tecumseh Signals site. Also, @mimi2 mentioned that Tecumseh Technologies and Tecumseh Signals have the same owner.

Oh, that. Huh, never knew Faraday sold smoke detectors (even if they’re just rebrands): most of us only know them for notification appliances, panels, & manual pull stations.

Ah okay (not sure why one would have two different companies for supposedly the same thing but alright).

Both the owners of Tecu Tech and Tecu Signals is a Dan P. They are the same

Alright: like I said above though I don’t really see what the point of having two different companies for the same thing is.

Because Tecu Sig is for signals, and Tecu Tech is for maintaining legacy Faraday or Standard Electric Time systems.

I don’t know why these would be separate companies, though, since they clearly functioned as one company when they were part of Faraday. One possibility is that the settlement with Wheelock may have prohibited Tecumseh Technologies from producing signals, which would make it necessary to start another spin-off for signals.