Testing Simplex 4100 Flex amplifiers and Power supplies

Hi All!

I recently got ahold of some Simplex 4100 flex amplifiers and expansion power supplies, but I’m at a loss as to how to get started testing the modules without a full panel setup. I’ve not been able to find anything online about testing/servicing the modules.

I’ve got a mix of 4100-1327, 4100-1313, and 4100-5101. Some of the flex amplifiers do not have the NAC interface PCB on top.

Does anyone have any experience testing them, or know where to point me for further info? Thanks in advance.

If you want to fully test the devices, then you’d a need a full panel setup. All of those components are designed to communicate to the 4100 CPU card.

You can, at the very least, confirm if the devices power on. However, you’ll still need some parts. The expansion power supply and amplifiers connect to a PDI (power distribution module). The expansion power supply would power the amplifiers on that PDI board.

A problem though is the expansion power supply has a harness that is meant to connect to a PDM (power distribution module). You can cut off the connector, but that’s not recommended.

This is just my 2 cents from what I’ve read online; you might want to get in touch with a technician who might know these parts better. Hope this gets you in the right path!