The Big Green's Collection (Updated)

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3.) I apologize in advance for the annoyingness of this thread. Here goes…

Top- My existing fire alarm collection prior to receiving Destin’s mystery box.

Bottom- Destin’s mystery box.

[size=150]Pull Stations:[/size]

[size=150]Light Plates:[/size]



Thanks for reading. Sorry about the annoyance.

What are the two circuit boards do on the bottom right of this picture? Are they zone or NAC extenders or something, cause I have no clue.

They are Smart-Sync modules for my TrueAlert.

The left one converts 24VDC to Smart-Sync, and the right one does the opposite.

So the Smart-sync to 24v, can that put fore example, a MT 4 wire on a 2 wire TrueAlert circuit?

Yep! I actually made a video of exactly that setup a while ago.