The door close button in elevators.

I’ve read that the door close button in elevators doesn’t actually work except in really old elevators.

I think it’s even ommited on newer ones, although I saw a ThyssenKrupp elevator that still had a working door close button (but coincidentally no “Door Open” button).

Otherwise, I think it has to do with the ADA (I don’t live in USA so…), I know in Europe there is still elevators that do have a working door close button (more on Kone EcoDiscs especially) unless they’re retrofits or something like that.

I’ve heard that the door close button in some elevators won’t work unless it’s in firefighter mode (or whatever it’s called).

I’ve seen some work on newer elevators, but I think there is a set amount of time before the doors are allowed to close.

Elevators with Fire Service need to have door open and close buttons for Phase II operation. The doors are not fully automatic in this mode, the button must be held down until the door has completely opened or closed. Releasing it while the door is moving will make the door stop and return to the position it was in.

Some do, others do not. I was in a newer elevator, and while it had the door open/close buttons, for service, you only had to press the floor button in which you wanted to go to till the doors closed. Some require you to press both buttons in order for it to work.

What I mentioned above was the way I was trained. I believe it is a national standard for the US. I cannot speak for anywhere else.

I know in Taiwan that elevator doors respond very quickly to the door open and door close button. In residential elevators (ones used in multi-story homes or apartment buildings), there is even a “door hold” button that will hold the door open for about three minutes in case someone needs to move a ton of stuff into the car.

I film elevators for my youtube channel, and in my experiences, it normally depends on the brand. Schindler elevators (other than the new 3300 and 5500) have non-functional door close buttons. Kone usually functions, as well as Thyssenkrupp. Otis is a mixed bag. For them, it depends on the elevator itself. No two Otis’s have the same response.