The fire alarm in this video seems to yell at people.

“Attention. Attention. ATTENTION!”

Pretty funny.

If I were in charge, that voice actor would have been fired and forced to leave the building, and walk down to her assigned re-entry floor, or main lobby.

Ha. Ha. Fired.

I don’t think that it sounds like she is yelling too much and just think it sounds like an evacuation message and there is nothing different or shouting about it.

I think it’s the last “attention” that makes it sassy. “Attention. Attention. ATTENTION!!” is a lot different than “Attention. Attention. Attention.”

It may be a little bit sassy but I don’t think that it is being overly rude or telling people by screaming at them to evacuate.

I’m debating to myself whether a system like this or a Japanese system shouting, “There is a fire!” twice in an urgent or serious manner would freak people out more.

Are there actual fire alarms that have that or was that a joke?

Not a joke. He’s referencing this video:

Once again probably just mean but I don’t think of that as screaming. Maybe talking a bit fast after half a cup of coffee but that is it.