The green bean. Greensboro nc fire alarms

Even though this is not a high rize building it somehow has a voice system

An ademco sigcom tbar

An evax 50 voice evac panel/microphone

A spectralert classic speaker strobe

A quite unusual system for sure (neat & unique too regardless though: be interesting to hear it sound).

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Probably temporal whoop but idk

Is that a wireless door contact on the side of the pull station?

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That’s likely a wireless transmitter actually: there may be a security system in the building that monitors the fire alarm system (even though it would probably make more sense to just have the FACP trip the security panel via a relay).

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It is in fact a Honeywell Ademco mini fire panel/keypad
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Sorry about that heres the image

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Here’s a better look at the strange device

By the looks of it, this is probably in fact a Wireless transmitter

I would for sure say that the transmitter is liked to the fire alarm/Burg combo system. That keypad shows it is a vista fire/burg all in one system so they probably used wireless transmitters for the sensors instead of running wires. Interesting.

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