The local Target now only has 10-year smoke alarms.

I was looking in the smoke detector section at the local Target and they now only have 10-year smoke alarms for sale. They only alarms they had for sale that required battery change were standalone carbon monoxide detectors. They also now have the Nest smoke and carbon monoxide detectors which send alerts to smartphones located in the smoke detector section. They used to have those Nest brand detectors located in the electronics, not with the other smoke detectors.

I read somewhere that pretty much all standard 9 Volt smoke detectors were gonna be discontinued in the near future due to people never replacing the batteries or taking them out to stop the chirping and otherwise putting themselves at risk. only hardwired and sealed battery ones will be available I’ll see if i can find the article and share it.

For ones with the sealed batteries in them, how do you charge them?

You don’t. The battery is supposed to last 10 years on standby. When it runs out, you have to replace the unit.

That would be nice. We service a few townhouses where we have to check the smoke alarms out, and we do many apartment buildings, so we have to test them out there too. It does become a pain since we have to change the battery out of every smoke alarm.

10-year smoke alarms may be less enjoyable for smoke alarm collectors, but the purpose of smoke alarms is to warn people of fires, not to please collectors.

That’s interesting. I’m supposed to be getting a Taiwanese smoke alarm manufactured by Panasonic and the Japanese site says that you are able to replace the lithium battery and it’s pretty easy according to the video.

Even if that is so, if a battery is not meant to be replaced, I would not try to tamper with it. Knowing my luck, I would probably end up breaking it. I don’t risk doing anything on my own.