The most fire bells I've ever seen in a modern building...

This was the only type of bell they used throughout the whole hotel. No horns or strobes, just bells.

Oh, and they also had these incredibly sad pull stations.

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The only model of bell throughout the whole building: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

The really sad pull station:

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Sorry about the broken images.

Looks like a typical Mirtone setup from the late 1980s. The bell is a Mirtone 74303, while the pull station is most likely a 73303. These systems were once quite common across Canada, but they’re gradually starting to fade away.

The French lettering on the pull tells me this is in Canada. Over there they still regularly install systems with bells instead of horns.

Yeah, I was staying at a Delta hotel in Toronto.

Also over in Canada, Edwards is to them as Simplex is (or was, it actually depends) to the US.

This was the case in the past, but today, systems with bells comprise a minority of new installations (judging by what I’ve seen in Ontario and in Québec, at least). Despite having been popular up to the late 1990s/early 2000s, it seems that bells have fallen out of favor over the past few years. This decline in popularity is likely due to a combination of strobe requirements, voice-evac requirements, and practical reasons (particularly cost and mounting options).

Many older installations with bells remain in service, however. The installation featured in the OP’s photos, for instance, appears to be from the late 1980s.

I was going to say, Canada has bells everywhere. They didn’t start installing horns en masse until relatively recently. When I’m over in Ontario, I regularly see bells in buildings that are likely only 10-15 years old.

My former elementary school’s fire alarm system was recently upgraded from Mirtone bells to EST Genesises and EST Integritys. Apparently the panel was not replaced. The building itself was almost 75 years old at the time I graduated.

I don’t think voice evac is mandatory anywhere in Canada.

There are probably no Canadian jurisdictions that require voice-evac systems universally, but these systems are required for certain applications. The Ontario Building Code, for instance, appears to require voice communication systems for high-rises, buildings that have both a two-stage fire alarm system and an occupant load that exceeds 1000, and certain other specific types of occupancies (such as retirement homes).