The Notifier Inspires are here

After hearing roomers for like 2 years now there actually here.
The Notifier Inspire is now on the Notifier website with a lots of new stuff.

The Onyx series still remains on the Notifier website but I’m not sure how long will it last.

What’s your opinion on this?

My opinion on the Inspire is that I don’t really like it

The licenses are nothing but unnecessary. It basically locking features behind a paywall like how EA locked stuff behind a paywall.
Also I feel like the DVC needed a update since the DVC they used on the Inspires is the same as the Onyx which I think looks bad

(Those DVC buttons look bad with the rest of the panel. It’s ugly)
There are some stuff I like about the Inspires like Self Test, and the new CAB-Es. I honestly think they should’ve made a NFS3-3030 and a NFS3-640 and put those features in there. That’s my opinion on these Inspire panels.

In reality they sort of did combine the 320/640 with a 3030. Both versions (N16E and N16X) now use the 10” touchscreen display and now the main board for both has NACs incorporated, which the 3030 did not. The 640 and 320 did have onboard NACs. The 16E is capable of 3 loops and has its own cabinet, similar to the 320. I am not a fan of the licensable features, especially for CLIP mode use, zone coding, and zone additions. That feature will cause headaches in the field. The new ACM modules are cool though, they can be used as buttons with fully configurable LEDs or LED only and you print the label per your configuration. I think the overall aesthetic is very 1980’s looking and sort of unsophisticated. Not my cup of tea but the objective isn’t how it looks it is how it performs. The self testing smokes are cool, I have seen them in person, but you have to have CLSS to use them. I will just say I am not a fan of CLSS.

I forgot to mention. Is that there’s a touch screen display already out for the ONYX series (NCD) which can run RLD touch screen annunciators. Also you can thow a 3030 CPU in a Inspire Cab E with a NCD and you basically have a Inspire with out the microtransactions and with out the Self Test combability. The Inspire had potental but It was mostly wasted.

Here’s what is probably the first-ever video of an Inspire with voice.
(I asked in the comments if the system is in Massachusetts, because the message includes “The signal tone you have just heard…”. The answer is no - this is in Tennessee.)

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you can buy an annunciator for an Inspire on eBay