The old vulcan 30-a heat detector we got from a old local first bank in pinehurst nc

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That’s actually a mechanical heat detector: weird that it would be in a commercial building like a bank though (unless it’s old enough to have something as equally old as a mechanical heat detector installed in it).

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Oh thats so cool is this rare

Well this bank was built in 1902 so im not too surprised

I’d say it’s somewhat rare, yes.

Yeah: that was all anyone had in the way of automatic fire detection before the invention of the ionization smoke detector in the late 1960s & the invention of the photoelectric smoke detector in the early 1970s.

The bank was turned into a cafe

Oh? I assume that it had an up-to-date fire detection & alarm system installed accordingly.

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They were reinstalled with siemens zns with silent night detectors as i remember but i might not be right

Its called agora cafe i think