The Omadome

Has anyone ever heard of this before? It’s origins come from the fact that it seems like my city seems to avoid getting things like tornadoes, and other types of severe weather. The most severe weather we have had within the past 10 yrs has been hail, straight line winds, (an event that comes to mind is the derecho that went through this area, and majorly impacted Cedar Rapids, IA, and the more recent events have been from QLCS-type storms) but other than that the weather just seems to go around us. Even today (1/8/24) we had a large system blow through, bringing lots of snow supposedly. In the towns near Omaha, they have gotten 4+ inches in some places. But at my location, we barely have anything at all.

It’s called an urban heat island effect. Omadome is just a meme. Like the Omaha rocks

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Update: evidently our turn for accumulating snow came overnight.

Could you explain it a bit more? Just curious.

Cities are hot. Cars, people, concrete absorbing sunlight, building A/C, industry, etc all let off waste heat. Same reason it’ll generally be hotter in town. Warmer air from this rises and cumulatively is able to push cooler air carrying storms away.

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The national weather service for my state issued a blizzard warning for the cascades (in the mountains) today, Even in the middle of the USA there’s already heavy snow coming down.

This hasn’t happened since 2012

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