The Royal Wedding

Did any of you wake up early this morning to watch the glorious ceremony? My french teacher streamed it for our class to see, and my mother watched it live as it was unfolding.

I am British and I don’t give a shit. As far as I am concerned that is their private life.

^Pretty much. I’m happy for them, but there is no way in hell I am waking up early to see a wedding.

By the way I think the streaming was more for the teacher to see lol. Not alot that has to do with a french class.

the after coverage on the tv was on while i was donating blood at the red cross and it was boring as hell. had it been the ceremony, it might have been mildly interesting. yes it is their personal life, but when you’re a celebrity or a politician, you have to get used to the fact that all of that is public. i do not support that by any means, but that’s what the media has made the situation into.

I didn’t get up, but I set my TiVo to record it.