The Simplex Unidentifed Pull- Identified!

So, NAS’s unnamed pull popped up on eBay, with the model BG-50.

These were originally made by Harrington Signal if I remember correctly.

I feel like we had a similar topic on here not too long ago, but whatever. :slight_smile:

Does anybody know if the Simplex model number for them is also BG-50? Also, do they reset with a B key?

Too bad those pulls are so expensive when they come up on eBay, though. It would be nice to have one.

I think I posted one, since I got one on eBay a couple of years ago. And yes, they do use a regular B key, at least mine does.

Based on a Youtube comment and the manual, it’s made by Protectowire as a weatherproof pull.

I did not know that Simplex also made BG pulls. I thought that only Fire-Lite made them.

Different BG. BG-12’s are made by Honeywell which owns a lot of companies including Fire-Lite.
It’s clearly rebranded by Simplex.