the test button only tests the battery of a smoke detector.

It doesn’t test the smoke sensor. For that, spray smoke or something else is required. Lighting a match up to it is dangerous and not recommended.

uh, ok? I’ve heard two things:

  1. On ionization detectors, the test button introduces an electrical charge that has the same effect as smoke.

  2. On photoelectric detectors, the test button lights an infrared LED to ensure that the photocell is working properly.


light a match and blow it out… real dangerous…

Well if you have mental disabilies… :roll:

I think the folks here are pretty capable. I have to be honest the members here are all, for the most part, largely independent and are more than capable of doing that… a young kid… no I would not recommend it. But for those of the members that suffer from a disability, they are more than capable of that.